Information technologies

  • IS testing and quality assurance
  • IS usability improvement
  • Data analysis solutions
  • IS architecture and planning
  • Development of IS requirements and management of IS projects
  • IS performance testing

Business Management

  • Strategy advice
  • Business process improvement
  • ICT management


  • IT security testing
  • IT security training platform
  • Security of phisical infrastructure


  • Market research
  • Industry research
  • Customer experience and loyalty


Engineering and Technical Projects

  • Multimedia and integration solutions
  • Data transimission and ICT infrastructure
  • Data center infrastructure
  • Low-voltage solutions

IT Services

  • Operations and maintenance processes

Integrated Solutions

  • Operational communications
  • Security control systems

IT solutions

  • ERP solutions
  • Data analysis solutions
  • Audio recording solutions
  • System and network performance solutions


Customer Service and Support

  • Inbound call servicing
  • Outbound call servicing

Enquiries and Content Business Management

  • Business content management system development
  • Infodesk service business management

IT Business Management

  • 1st level, 2nd level helpdesk (24/7)
  • Processing of incoming e-mails, SMS, web-forms, system generated applications

Provision of Engineers and Technical Personnel

  • Service delivery management
  • Delivery quality control and supervision