Corporate Consulting

Development of conceptual solutions; Development of IT architecture and specifications; project implementation support

Sector: State and local governments

Project director

Aigars Ceruss


Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia

Project goal

To develop a next generation data transmission network for the sector and a model for supervision of IT infrastructure development, administration and deployment including technical solutions for the platform for distribution of infrastructure elements and shared services, an organisational model for deployment and maintenance of shared services, a financial plan and financial feasibility of the implementation and maintenance of the project.


Project outcome

More than 90 scientific and academic partners are involved in the project; they have different IT infrastructures and different requirements towards ICT support for scientific and academic research at the time of implementation of the project, and in the coming 10 years, which is the sustainability period for the project. The project is supported by the European funds, and the aspects addressed are very wide:

  • Improvement of CAMPUS network infrastructure of the project partners, including mobile wireless solutions;
  • Development of a shared data centre for the sector;
  • Development of the unified national scientific and academic data transmission network in the whole territory of Latvia including fast data net trunk connections with other scientific national networks and public Internet network;
  • Provision of access to specialised and general scientific data bases;
  • Procurement and implementation of scientific and research software;
  • Implementation of the unified research activity management information system for the sector.

During the project, we developed a concept for the shared use of the above ICT resources, paying special attention to the management and deployment aspects of the ICT resources related to provision and distribution of the services; we developed further a model for calculation of prime costs and principles for organizational and management principles.

We examined the needs regarding IT infrastructure of all project partners in order to prepare and ensure support in procurement of technological elements and software for provision of the shared services.

As a result of the project, the partners of the project received sustainable ICT support and shared solutions that will allow them to compete with other EU Member States for scientific and research project grants and attract young scientists to important and interesting projects.


Project duration