Corporate Consulting

Marketing research; Market research; Feasibility studies

Sector: State and local governments

Project director

Vitālijs Ševčenko


Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Latvia

Project goal

To prepare an economic feasibility study for the state investment support for the development of the next generation electronic communications network in rural areas and to draw up state support application documents regarding allocation of EU funding for this activity to be approved in the European Commission. The services were provided in two separate projects, one of them was implemented in 2011, but the other – in 2014.

Project outcome

Within the project, the research was carried out regarding Internet access in Latvia; all local governments in Latvia and more than 200 Electronic Communications Providers participated in a poll. During the poll, detailed information regarding the availability of the Internet in all villages (rural areas in the project of 2011) of Latvia and the needs of residents and commercial companies was obtained. The poll provided further information on the plans of the Electronic Communications Providers regarding deployment of the Internet service provision using their own funds or the services provided by the next generation broadband network co-financed by the EU.

Taking into account the results of the polls, the residential areas were identified where the broadband internet access services (the target of the EU directive – at least 30 Mbps) were not available due to lack of the middle mile (data transmission infrastructure, for instance, optic fibre network between large cities and the centres of villages/rural territories/municipalities) infrastructure or too high costs of construction of such infrastructure, i.e., “white territories” where the state intervention is necessary to improve the situation.

Based on the research made in both projects, a conceptual technical solution was developed for the broadband infrastructure for construction of the middle mile in the rural areas for both – the planning period of 2007-2013 and the planning period of 2014 – 2020; within these periods, more than 60 million EUR are planned for the next generation broadband network development.

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