Meeting Minutes Recording Solution - TIX


TIX is a meeting minutes solution that combines audio and written meeting minutes advantages, while being platform independant and user friendly. TIX allows to do audio meeting minutes in real time and to generate an interactive PDF file with audio features  that can be read and listened. TIX is implemented and used as everyday solution in Latvian courts during court sessions.


  • Single audio protocol in PDF. The generated PDF files can be either read or played as an audio files where each part of meeting minutes is time-stamped. It can also be printed.
  • Flexible solution that can be adopted for different industries and needs. TIX can be used as a ready product or can be adopted to specific customer's needs.
  • Multi-platform support. TIX can be operated starting from Windows XP up to Windows 10, which is important for large organizations.
  • Low hardware requirements. CPU 1GHz, RAM 1GB, HDD 200Mb and Windows XP or newer.
  • Open standard protocols. The end files can be played using free tools such as Adobe reader 10.0.



TIX main features are following:

  • Easy meeting minutes taking during meeting or after it;
  • Audio source file import from external devices;
  • Interactive PDF meeting minute file generation.