Digital transformation with VMware


VMware is the world's leading provider of virtualization, cloud infrastructure, mobile device management and virtual workplace software solutions. 
The company's products contribute digital transformation of information technology, thus providing up to now a unique infrastructure creation freedom, flexibility and automation.
The solutions offered by VMware are modernizing data centers by allowing them to implement business-oriented solutions based on their pace of development, while guaranteeing the protection of data and information, as well as the high degree of integration of public clouds.

We provide professional reselling, implementation and support services of VMware product range.


  • Virtualization platform that provides a consolidation ratio of at least 15:1, while ensuring the protection of virtual resources through high availability, fault tolerant, distribution as well as emergency recovery and backup creation technological solutions.
  • A manufacturer-independent, software-defined storage that optimizes the I/O path reduces the impact on the CPU and RAM resources. Storage policies (oriented on virtual machines) provide a high level of resource automation.
  • Virtual replication of commutators, routers, firewalls, load balancers as well as VPNs, QoS and network monitoring tools provides fast, from physical infrastructure independent network topologies creation and monitoring. The micro-segmentation security model eliminates the security risks of lateral movement.
  • The next-generation hyperconverged platform that combines vSphere, vSAN and NSX solutions together, providing a universal environment for any application - traditional or cloud-based.
  • The intelligent operation management between physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures. Proactive identification and correction of the required computing resources, capacities and configuration gaps with the ability to integrate solutions of the other enterprises as well - Hyper-V, Amazon Web Services and others.
  • Mobile device, workstation, and case management platform which increase enterprise corporate data protection, leakage risks and device compatibility using next-generation threat detection, device management, and remote desktop access platforms.